Horsechops is a bit of a toff. His adventures are back in the days when steamboats, airships and automobiles were all the rage. He lives with his posh parents at Ten Furlong Manor and goes to school at Studley Juniors where all his chums are horses, pigs and chickens.

Horatio Saddleback is his very best pal. Along with Chiko, Beko and Farthingale (aka Orpington Three) and a young welsh pony called Brynn, Horsechops has a whole host of adventures. Ready to upset things at every twist and turn are Fetlock and Gaskin, his all time worst enemies.

In his first big adventure, Boats Ahoy, we discover that Horsechops is wild about boats. He organises a grand regatta-style race for toy yachts on the lake at Ten Furlong Manor, and fully expects to win.